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Film and Theatre

In addition to years of editorial work, I have been directing since 1997 starting with my first short film, "Joey's Gonna Kill Me."  Since then, I've directed short films, live theatre productions, training videos, and commercials via AntHill Productions.


I try to complete at least one labor of love per year, as I've been doing since 2009 with a production of Sam Shepard's "Fool For Love" and continued the following year with Terrence McNally's "Frankie and Johnny in the Clair De Lune."  If there is a common theme in my work, it is the desire for human connection.  I love working with actors and exploring this theme, whatever the medium, as it provides an opportunity to stretch and grow creatively, with the added benefit of gaining a broader insight into human nature.


Sartre Was Wrong

Acoustic Space

Another Famous Dead Artist

Books, Beds and Baths

Max & Domino


Missing Life


Acoustic Space 

Marital Arts

Books, Beds and Baths

Eventually Yours

Four Glorious Years 

Love, Friendship, and Synchronicity

Simple Things (Web Series)

Dream Girl

Director (Film):

Joey's Gonna Kill Me

Lunch Time

Acoustic Space


Blind Date

Walt Whitman Never Paid For It (written by Angelo Berkowitz)

Marital Arts

Haagen Dazs "Reach" (spec commercial)

Director (Theatre):

Raisins Not Virgins (written by Sharbari Ahmed)

Fool for Love (Sam Shepard)

Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune (Terrence McNally)

Play it Again, Sam (Woody Allen)

The Intruder (Sheila Robinson)

Chapter Two (Neil Simon)

Butterflies Are Free (Leonard Gershe)

Eventually Yours (Staged Reading, Anthony Marinelli)

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (Staged Reading, Edward Albee)

Speed-the-Plow (Staged Reading, David Mamet)

Acoustic Space (Anthony Marinelli)

Another Famous Dead Artist (Anthony Marinelli)

Max & Domino (Anthony Marinelli)

Visitors (Anthony Marinelli)

Director's Clip Reel

"Walt Whitman Never Paid For It" trailer

"Marital Arts" trailer

"Subway" (2 min. short)

"Frankie and Johnny" montage

"Max & Domino" clip reel

"Another Famous Dead Artist"

(Full Play)

"Another Famous Dead Artist"

Video Diary

"Eventually Yours" Staged reading clips


The Death of Marilyn Monroe


"Books, Beds and Baths" Video Essay

"Simple Things" trailer


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